Moxie Robotic Process Automation

works for you

Cross Platform 

You can run Moxie Studio and RPA projects on Window, Linux and Mac.

Open Source

Moxie RPA solution the core engine is based on the open source TagUI RPA project.

Drag And Drop

Easily use more than 70 controls in Studio with drag and drop            

Advanced Studio

Moxie Studio the best
design and functions combined together

Whether you are a developer or not, you can easily use the studio application


Moxie RPA Studio Features

With Moxie rpa studio you can automate your process in minutes

Visual automation of websites and desktop
Cross Platform Development
Python and R Integration
Syntax and keyword highlighting
Intellisense and auto-fill support
Can record mouse and keyboard movements
ComIng soon

Moxie RPA Cockpit

You can manage your unlimited number of robots, either cloud-based or on-premise.

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